tuturutuA sonbgook of traditional Polish music 4 months
websiteContents of and source code for building m-chrzan.xyz 6 months
cheatsheetsCommandline and Linux cheatsheets 10 months
certora-vimVim syntax highlighting for Certora 13 months
sundayA CGI script for ephemeral musings 14 months
hex-curlerA minimal webgame to play with curl 20 months
dicebagA dice expression parser and roller 20 months
aoc2020Solutions to Advent of Code 2020 20 months
mmmMinimal mail manager for mbsync, mutt, msmtp 20 months
password-storeFork of https://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/about/ with support for pass-otp in...3 months
gsn3Task 3 for Deep Neural Networks course @ MIMUW 15 months
gsn1Task 1 for Deep Neural Networks course @ MIMUW 17 months
CloudAtlasDistributed system for course @ MIMUW19 months
harddoomDevice driver for a virtualized Doom graphics accelerator19 months
schmimInterpreter for a simple typed lisp19 months
brandesA parallel implementation of Brandes' algorithm for betweenness centrality 19 months