sundayA CGI script for ephemeral musings 10 months
dicebagA dice expression parser and roller 15 months
hex-curlerA minimal webgame to play with curl 15 months
brandesA parallel implementation of Brandes' algorithm for betweenness centrality 14 months
tuturutuA sonbgook of traditional Polish music 5 months
cheatsheetsCommandline and Linux cheatsheets 5 months
websiteContents of and source code for building m-chrzan.xyz 6 weeks
harddoomDevice driver for a virtualized Doom graphics accelerator14 months
CloudAtlasDistributed system for course @ MIMUW14 months
password-storeFork of https://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/about/ with support for pass-otp in...15 months
schmimInterpreter for a simple typed lisp14 months
mmmMinimal mail manager for mbsync, mutt, msmtp 15 months
aoc2020Solutions to Advent of Code 2020 15 months
gsn1Task 1 for Deep Neural Networks course @ MIMUW 13 months
gsn3Task 3 for Deep Neural Networks course @ MIMUW 11 months
certora-vimVim syntax highlighting for Certora 9 months