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@@ -133,7 +133,8 @@ Semantics are defined in terms of the `pool` function.
Now each die in the dice pool generated by `E` is rolled repeatedly until it
rolls something less than the value rolled on `D`. Each such roll is treated
as a separate die, the results for each die are not accumulated like with
- exploding die.
+ exploding die. *Note:* this could lead to an infinite evaluation if `E` always
+ rolls higher than a possible result of `D`.
* `DaE` is like `A`, but rolls again on values *less* than what was rolled on
* `DTE` applies a threshold to the dice in `E`'s pool. First `D` is rolled. Now
@@ -143,7 +144,8 @@ Semantics are defined in terms of the `pool` function.
counted as 0's, the rest as 1's.
* `D x E` will repeatedly roll `D`. First `E` is rolled, then `D` is rolled as
many times as the value rolled on `E`. The pools generated by `D` are
- concatenated to generate the new pool.
+ concatenated to generate the new pool. *Note:* if `E` evaluates to a
+ negative number, the behavior is undefined.