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diff --git a/curling.rb b/curling.rb
index 1367b02..375ce27 100644
--- a/curling.rb
+++ b/curling.rb
@@ -7,6 +7,42 @@ def secret
ENV['HEX_SECRET'] || 'tajny_token_hehe'
+get '/' do
+ <<~MSG
+Welcome to Hex Curler!
+This game is based on Jeff Moore's Hex (http://www.1km1kt.net/rpg/hex).
+Source code: gitlab.com/m-chrzan/hex-curler
+How to Play
+If you're not using it already, run this line of bash to start playing:
+c=; while clear; curl -c k -b k localhost:4567/$c; read c; [ $c ]; do :; done
+You're about to start crawling through a dungeon, fighting monsters and finding
+treasure. Your character has three attributes:
+ - Health
+ - Endurance
+ - eXperience
+After each move you'll be presented with a menu of options that could look
+something like this:
+ >[r]un away
+ >[f]ight (-1 H, -1 E, 1 X)
+Select a move by typing the highlighted letter and hitting enter (e.g. type r if
+you want to [r]un away like a wuss).
+Numbers in parentheses tell you how your attributes will be affected by taking
+a given action.
+To restart the game, run `rm k` to remove the cookie that stores your game state.
get '/:command' do |command|
engine = Hex.new cookies.to_h
engine.step command