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Support extractions of secret fields other than password
Allow users to retrieve any secret field stored in the files. Use auth-source-pass to retrieve the secret fields. Bump version to v2.1.0. * contrib/emacs/Cask: Replace dependency on `s' library with auth-source-pass dependency. * contrib/emacs/password-store.el (password-store-url-field): New option. (password-store-dir): Use `auth-source-pass-filename'. (password-store-read-field, password-store-get-field) (password-store-copy-field, password-store-parse-entry): New functions. (password-store-read-field): Use password-store-parse-entry. (password-store--save-field-in-kill-ring): New function extracted from `password-store-get'. (password-store-url): Use `password-store-get-field' and `password-store-url-field'. * contrib/emacs/README.md: Update documentation. * contrib/emacs/CHANGELOG.md: Announce changes.
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@@ -15,16 +15,24 @@ website for instructions
M-x password-store-insert
- Password entry: example
+ Password entry: foo-account
Password: ........
Confirm password: ........
M-x password-store-copy
- Password entry: example
- Copied example to the kill ring. Will clear in 45 seconds.
- Password cleared.
+ Password entry: foo-account
+ Copied password for foo-account to the kill ring. Will clear in 45 seconds.
+ Field password cleared.
+ M-x password-store-copy-field
+ Password entry: foo-account
+ Field: username
+ Copied username for foo-account to the kill ring. Will clear in 45 seconds.
+ Field url cleared.
- (password-store-insert "example" "password")
- (password-store-get "example") ; Returns "password"
+ (password-store-insert "foo-account" "password")
+ (password-store-get "foo-account") ; Returns "password"
+ (password-store-get-field "foo-account" "url") ; Returns "url"