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authorTino Calancha <tino.calancha@gmail.com>2019-09-29 18:27:29 +0200
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emacs: Update docstring of password-store-clear
Clarify that the optional argument is only used in the `message' call. Bump version to v2.1.3. * contrib/emacs/password-store.el (password-store-clear): Update docstring. * contrib/emacs/CHANGELOG.md: Document this change.
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--- a/contrib/emacs/password-store.el
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
;; Author: Svend Sorensen <svend@svends.net>
;; Maintainer: Tino Calancha <tino.calancha@gmail.com>
-;; Version: 2.1.2
+;; Version: 2.1.3
;; URL: https://www.passwordstore.org/
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "25") (f "0.11.0") (s "1.9.0") (with-editor "2.5.11") (auth-source-pass "5.0.0"))
;; Keywords: tools pass password password-store
@@ -255,7 +255,14 @@ If FIELD equals to symbol secret, then this function reduces to `password-store-
(defun password-store-clear (&optional field)
- "Clear FIELD in kill ring."
+ "Clear secret in the kill ring.
+Optional argument FIELD, a symbol or a string, describes
+the stored secret to clear; if nil, then set it to 'secret.
+Note, FIELD does not affect the function logic; it is only used
+to display the message:
+\(message \"Field %s cleared.\" field)."
(interactive "i")
(unless field (setq field 'secret))
(when password-store-timeout-timer