AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-01Update READMEHEADmasterMarcin Chrzanowski
2022-07-01Document OTP flagsMarcin Chrzanowski
2022-07-01Don't eat dmenu argumentsMarcin Chrzanowski
2022-07-01Add support for pass-otp in passmenuMarcin Chrzanowski
2022-03-06emacs: Fix an infloop on Windows enviromentsTino Calancha
2022-01-17Ensure compatibility with tree 2.0Marius Bakke
2021-09-23Fix unecessary reencryptions on MacOSSam W
2021-09-23Exclude `*/.extensions` from grep/reencryptAxel Tripier
2021-09-23Add missing local variable declarationAxel Tripier
2021-09-23Replace 'which' with POSIX equivalent 'command -v'Ayush Agarwal
2021-09-23Default to xclip if wl-clip is not foundSantiago Zarate
2021-06-15Remove shebang from fish completionDan Čermák
2021-06-11version: bumpJason A. Donenfeld
2021-06-11Ignore non-printable characters in calls to treeRémi Lapeyre
2021-06-11Use GPG_OPTS when verifying .gpg-id signaturevnctdj
2021-06-11Strip comments in gpg-id filesRichard Towers
2021-06-11Escape colons in zsh completion to show url portsGuido Cella
2021-06-11passmenu: add support for waylandsternenseemann
2021-05-18fish-completion: don't print full path when PASSWORD_STORE_DIR is setJohannes Altmanninger
2021-02-16Add path to accommodate macOS' dynamic $TMPDIRTom Ryder
2020-10-15Add a :redraw to redact_pass.vim before diag printTom Ryder
2020-06-25fish-completion: reuse "git" and "grep" completionsJohannes Altmanninger
2020-06-25fish-completion: don't erase existing completions for passJohannes Altmanninger
2020-06-25fish-completion: force some variables to be script-localJohannes Altmanninger
2020-06-25fish-completion: support completions for wrapper commandsJohannes Altmanninger
2020-06-25fish-completion: remove obsolete flagJohannes Altmanninger
2020-06-25fish-completion: avoid printing errors with an empty password storeJohannes Altmanninger
2020-04-19platform/darwin: don't invoke brew for the default prefixFilippo Valsorda
2020-04-19platform/darwin: drop using "display" to show QR codesFilippo Valsorda
2020-03-28emacs: Drop dependency on f libraryPhilip K
2019-11-28Unset variables messing with Git useMartin F. Krafft
2019-09-29emacs: Update docstring of password-store-clearTino Calancha
2019-09-16emacs: Make parameter optional in password-store-clearSergey Trofimov
2019-08-29emacs: Check that auth-source-pass-filename is bound before use itTino Calancha
2019-08-29Support extractions of secret fields other than passwordTino Calancha
2019-08-27emacs: Improve password-store-insert message on success/failureTino Calancha
2019-08-26Re add password-store-timeout for backward compatibilityTino Calancha
2019-08-26emacs: Prefer to use Emacs builtin customization machineryTino Calancha
2019-08-04emacs: require matching password for completionibizaman
2019-07-17Account for missing [:graph:] on Busybox by using [:alnum:][:punct:]Daniel Janus
2019-06-16Exclude invalid, disabled and revoked subkeys from subkey selectionAaron Jones
2019-06-10emacs: Delete duplicate entries from password-store-listTino Calancha
2019-04-25emacs: Drop nil command argumentsSvend Sorensen
2019-04-05emacs: Release version 2.0.0 of Emacs packageSvend Sorensen
2019-04-05emacs: Supprt asynchronous pass operations which return output.Ian Eure
2019-02-27clip: Add support for wl-clipboardBrett Cornwall
2018-10-31emacs: Fix typo in password-store-url function doc stringSvend Sorensen
2018-10-19bash-completion: detect whether to use gpg/gpg2 binary for complete keysElan Ruusamäe
2018-10-19bash_completion: do not leak variables to globals scopeElan Ruusamäe
2018-08-09Do not reencrypt symbolic linksAldis Berjoza